About Yoga

"Yogah chitta vritti nirodhah"

Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the Mind

Yoga is an ancient science practiced for thousands of years. It is much more than exercise: it is a comprehensive system designed to bring you to a place of deep and lasting peace. It is not necessary to be flexible or strong to begin a yoga practice; an open mind and a willingness to explore your inner experience is all that's required. By skillfully combining movement and postures with breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques, yoga offers both practical and profound benefits to your life. Yoga postures (asanas) encourage concentration, perseverance, patience, self-acceptance and self-observation. Consistent practice of these postures can bring calmness and clarity (prasada). Practice rejuvenates and rebalance all the bodily systems; endocrine, nervous, muscular, skeletal, immune, circulatory and digestive.

Physical benefits of the practice of yoga:

  • stress reduction
  • increased vitality
  • proper functioning of organs, nerves, and glands
  • improved circulation and respiration which are both essential ingredients for cardiovascular fitness
  • an aid to digestion
  • strengthening for the immune system
  • improved coordination
  • strengthening for the bones due to weight bearing nature of many of the poses

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