These classes and workshops have been presented in corporate, conference and vacation settings. Including The Chicago Botanic Garden, The Holistic Holiday at Sea, Yoga Journal Midwest, and The Vegetarian Summer Conference.

Meditation in the Garden

Enjoy the many benefits of meditation while surrounded by nature. Each week, in this four week program, we will meditate and breathe with nature in one of the gardens amazing organic spaces. Outdoors, we will explore basic meditation techniques and breathing exercises along with guided visualization inspired by the setting for that week.

Surrounded by nature’s display of plants, flowers, and grasses, life force (prana) is bountiful and abundant. Absorbing the energy from the garden, we will observe our own individual energy as we breathe and meditate together. Meditation can be described as being present and observing each moment unfold. Nature is the prefect place to watch (observe) this unfolding.

Join us for a deep, experiential practice immersed in nature. All are welcome.

The Garden Chef Series

Join Steve Nakon for a cooking demonstration, incorporating seasonal and locally grown food, during the Chicago Botanic Garden Chef’s Program. Check back for dates and times.

Fall Cooking Classes

Seasonal Cooking: Fall Meals to Strengthen and Nourish
In this Cooking with the Seasons series we explore how the food we prepare helps us to stay healthy and balanced during the changing seasons. Fall is a time to nourish and gather strength in preparation for winter. The class will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy their work. Class size is limited.

Amazing Grains
The majority of nutrients needed to sustain our lives are fully present in whole grains. Join us as we learn the basics of cooking with whole grains and discuss their many benefits. The class will participate in preparing three delicious, nutritious grain dishes that they will sample and share. Class size is limited.

Winter Cooking: Warming Soups and Stews
In this series we will explore the many benefits of cooking and eating in harmony with the seasons. Cold weather is the perfect time for hearty soups and stews. We will discuss the energetic quality of winter cooking and prepare a hearty soup and a warming stew incorporating seasonal vegetables. The class will participate in the cooking experience and have an opportunity to taste and enjoy their work. Class size is limited.

Fall Energy of Food Series

The Healing Power of Food
In this session we will examine the healing qualities of a whole foods approach to eating. Included will be discussion on the foods that create a healing atmosphere in the body, as well as foods that have the potential to cause imbalance and disease. We will explore how balancing the subtle energy of your food helps you to stay healthy, and if necessary regain your health. See how food effects our physical, mental and spiritual development.

The Healing Energy of Food
As we become more attuned to the energy of food we begin to realize how the food choices we make affect our personal health and influence planetary health. A natural, whole foods diet helps nurture calm, creative people who are more likely to resolve conflicts peacefully, more capable of dedicating their energy toward ecological living. In this session we will examine the healing qualities of a whole foods approach to eating. As we discuss foods that cause imbalance and disease, as well as foods that create a healing atmosphere in the body, we will explore the relationship between a plant based diet and individual and planetary health. Hippocrates taught “Let food be thy medicine” in 431 B.C., yet even today its meaning is just beginning to influence modern public and medical opinion. Learn how what we eat helps us to heal ourselves and the planet.

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