Yoga CD - Two Free Yoga Sessions

“Like Steve’s classes, the practice is relaxed and rejuvenating, yet energizing.” -- Sharon Steffensen, Editor, Yoga Chicago magazine.

Yoga: Breath and Body - Practices for Renewal and Rejuvenation

This CD consists of two 30-minute sessions -- one with floor work, the other with standing poses -- that can be practiced independently or combined for a 60-minute practice.

Emphasizing the breath, Steve leads the session at a comfortable pace in a style that is inspired by the teaching of T.K.V. Desikachar: inhaling into the pose, exhaling out of the pose. Breath guides the movement.

Enjoy these two yoga practices without charge on YouTube.

Practice One: Yoga Welcomes All (30 Minutes)

In this practice we relax and begin the process of opening up. Steve encourages you to transition from your busy day into the practice, gradually moving from gentle stretches into deeper expressions of the poses.

Practice Two: Balance, Center and Renew (30 Minutes)

In this practice we engage all six spinal movement potentials. Steve leads you through a strengthening, centering practice culminating in a relaxation and meditation.

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