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Eating Seasonally and Locally

Perhaps you've heard the phrase “eating seasonally and locally” and wondered what that means. Eating seasonally is simply eating those foods that are harvested in the current season. Eating locally means to eat food that is grown in the part of the country, or the area, where you live. Eating seasonally and locally benefits both your health and the environment.
-- An excerpt from the 2007 spring issue of "The Kitchen Gardener" (read the complete article here)

Change in Our Lives

As we begin the New Year many of us think about change in our lives. Although we may be interested in making a change or starting something new we may not always know how to proceed. The familiar is comfortable and change can appear to be complicated or intimidating. However, it does not have to be that way. The teachings of yoga advise us that there are three primary components to initiate change. First we must begin. Actually begin, not just think about beginning. Next, we must practice this new change on which we embark with enthusiasm. And finally, our commitment to change must be an ongoing process. The wisdom that yoga offers can be applied in our everyday lives.
-- An Excerpt from Transitions Newsletter, Jan-Feb 2003 (read the complete article here)

More Than Just Bodies

Although the physical practice of yoga can be quite healing, even therapeutic, yoga teaches us that we are infinitely more than just our bodies. The practice of yoga leads us deeper into ourselves and deeper into our connection with the divine.
-- An Excerpt from Transitions Newsletter, Nov-Dec 2002 (read the complete article here)

A Strategy for Healthy Living

One of the many benefits of yoga is that it can be used as a therapeutic tool. Although yoga promises no magic pose or posture that in and of itself can cure disease, Yoga does present a science that includes principals of movement, attention to the breath, and awareness of consciousness. In today’s world where our daily lives are filled with stress and tensions, Yoga is a proven antidote. It provides a strategy for healthy living.
-- An Excerpt from Transitions Newsletter, Sep-Oct 2002 (read the complete article here)

Yoga as Excercise

Students often ask what makes the physical practice of yoga different from other forms of exercise. From our view the most important distinction is the conscious involvement of the mind and the breath in the movement and the alignment of the body. Yoga can be supportive to all types of physical activity including individual and team sports. There are many professional athletes and teams that have included yoga in their training programs.
-- An Excerpt from Transitions Newsletter, July-Aug 2002 (download full article as PDF)

Welcome to Yoga

A wise yogi once said, "Yoga Welcomes All" and in that spirit I welcome you to this inaugural column. In each issue we will focus on a different aspect of Yoga’s vast body of knowledge. I will offer suggestions for beginning a personal practice and enhancing an existing one.
-- An Excerpt from Transitions Newsletter, May-June 2002 (download full article as PDF)

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